Saturday, 8 August 2015

Play station blues

I worry sometimes, ok quite a lot, that the 11 year old spends too much time on the playstation. I hear her chortling away to herself and her online friends. I hear some arguments at times and I'm quite impressed with her maturity in dealing with these spats. She has a microphone so can hear the other player which I find reassuring as then it is easier to judge the age of the faceless one.

She is happy and being creative, designing costumes and chats about what she is up to. So why do I worry? Because I remember a childhood being outside more than in. A long rope swing suspended from a tall tree on top of a hill, far more exciting than any tiny municipal park one. We had animals, a herd of goats, chickens, cats and dogs all running wild with us.

So is my daughter missing out? It is a different world now and I'm told by other parents that their children are the same. I can see she is happy and she is communicating with friends although not physically present. I spend much time on the internet myself, dipping and browsing and it's a wonderful tool and great entertainment. We do not watch television because of our internet fix.

I know she is happy. I know this for sure and she wants to be a professional gamer as a career. Last week it was an artist or a model. Childhood is short and already she is on the cusp of teenage changes. So I've decided to let her be, not nag and today it paid off. She voluntarily accompanied me whilst her sister was at dance and we had a lovely time. Browsing in my favourite bookshop, then looking at art materials for her. Walking and chatting and I thought then, I think she is going to be just fine, a lovely well balanced young woman.