Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Marrow rum part 2

  Well the marrow rum is now in a demijohn and bubbling away nicely. When I first put it in there it seemed nothing was happening and I was a bit concerned. Next morning however it was fizzing like a bath bomb and overflowing through the air lock. Whoops!  It has settled down now and continuing to gurgle away quite happy to itself.

Inspired by this we cracked open two bottles of ginger beer. Well the first one popped like a champagne cork but luckily I had a good grip on the top and managed to hold the lid in place until the froth quietened down. It is like a sparkling lemonade texture and is a pleasant refreshing drink. The 11 year old would prefer not to have any lemon bits floating in it so I will have to sieve hers next time. Will I make it again?  Yes. It has 10 teaspoons of sugar spread out over 12 bottles so much less than some commercial drinks. It makes a change from water or milk for the girls and it is fun to open!
It is also very cheap now I have the equipment so helps with our frugal lifestyle.

We had a sip of cherry brandy and it is very nice already. The cherries strong flavour is lovely. I don't like brandy but this is fine.

Our Summer holidays are racing along. In less than four weeks they are back at school. I hope the girls remember a happy time. they have not been bored and I think they have enjoyed the rest.

Thank you for reading, I do appreciate it.