Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Marrow Rum

At the risk of sounding like a prospective alcoholic, this is the fate of some of my marrows (which were delicious courgettes but now have expanded to magnificent monsters). I hauled one of these beasts over to Jim and Brenda and it was they who suggested making rum. Apparently it was a country custom to cut off the top of the marrow, de-seed it and fill the gap with brown sugar. Some recipes also suggest adding a handful of raisins, lemon juice, an orange and the rind, wine yeast and yeast nutrient to the mix. Once filled, the top is replaced and the marrow hung from the ceiling, (in a pair of tights!), and every other day or so, checked and the sugar topped up until the level no longer goes down. After about 2 weeks the marrow feels squidgy (do you like the technical terms?) at which point you grab a clean bucket or two and a knitting needle. Stab the bottom of the marrow and all the juice pours out. Then it is sieved through muslin or a jelly bag into a jar and left for 7 to 8 months before drinking.
It comes with a warning. Only drink one very small glass otherwise when you stand up, you will but your legs won't!

A search through the internet found lots of these recipes but also discovered one on here http://www.selfsufficientish.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3112 on page 5 by MKM (thank you!)
This is the one Jim and I are both trying out with little adaptations of our own. Jim is mixing his sugars (mainly because he hasn't got enough brown sugar) and I've omitted the orange and added more raisins although I may add orange in later. Seems straight forward enough anyway. I was going to tease Jim and tell him he needed 15 marrows but he told me to "bu**ar off"! The marrow I gave him weighs 9lbs (4kg+) so it is twice as big as he needs. He is totally blaming me for his renewed interest in home wine making. Come Christmas I'm thinking stick strictly to coffee when going to each others homes.

I've also started off some Rhubarb wine...

Do let me know if you're trying any of these. :o)